Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Remaking of All Manga Mobile

Hi guys, it's been a while.

All Manga Mobile has beed suspended for almost forever and I'm super busy with life that I don't have the time to manage it. Since I'm pretty leisure right now, I can now announce that I'm in the middle of remaking All Manga Mobile. Tentatively, this manga reader is called Gogo Manga.

I'm scraping all source code from previous manga reader and its server. The server is so expensive and the revenue from the ads doesn't cut out for its operation. If you live in 3rd world country, you might notice that All Manga Mobile is considerably faster than other manga reader (except for the reader itself, sorry). It's because we do lot of awesome stuff on the server side and we'll keep it (or even improve it) in our new server.

The main feature of Gogo Manga is its cross-platform-ness. Its first version is going to be available in your browser, as a desktop app and as an Android app. You can sync all your favorite manga across platform by logging in using Facebook. But that's not all.

Sadly those who have paid for Pro Manga Mobile will not be able to easily migrate to Gogo Manga and will probably have to pay for the pro version. I deeply ask for your apology for this inconvenience.

If you have any feedback for our current All Manga Mobile / Pro Manga Mobile, feel free to comment or email me at hallucinogenplus@gmail.com. Who knows we might incorporate it in Gogo Manga ;)

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