Saturday, 28 July 2012

All Manga Mobile v.0.2.0

After weeks of development, we officially release All Manga Mobile v.0.2.0. This is a huge update (which is the reason it took so long for release).

Here's full changelogs:

  1. Added manga source on Advanced Search. Selecting specific manga sources might reduce your network workload significantly!
  2. Added more manga source. French, German, Indonesian, Italian and Spanish manga are now available!
  3. Changed reader significantly! This will result in very fast reading experience. This reader is in very beta phase. Please let us know if there's anything wrong.
  4. Beta offline reader. This will let you view images on one folder as manga with its navigation and things. And because it's still in beta phase, please let us know if there's anything wrong.
  5. Progress bar on reader.
  6. Pretty and more informative notification.
  7. Achievement has more info now.
  8. Faster read list loading (will be very slow first time but will be blazing fast later on).
  9. Added new scale mode.
  10. Search result fix for Android 4.0 above so the results can be sorted by name and rating.
  11. Fix more bugs.

New manga source selector. And new manga sources, too!

Beta offline reader. Open your images as manga from your favorite file browser.
And I (All Manga Mobile's programmer) learned a lot from this updates. I'll write some technical post about this later.

More features is coming up! Stay tuned!

Give us a drop at Facebook and let us know what do you think about this new version!.
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