Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Spoiler: All Manga Mobile

I'm about to introduce my new project: All Manga Mobile. This project continues the development of Manga Mobile to the next level. Inspired by All Manga Reader, All Manga Mobile will improve manga reading experience to the next level.

First and foremost, the most important thing of All Manga Mobile: Manga Mobile Service. Manga Mobile Service is a server hosted with cloud computing power to serve the request of Manga Mobile user. This way Manga Mobile user will only have to download required files for his phone to read manga, thus improve overall performance of Manga Mobile.

Next is All Manga Mobile Client. The client will be developed in Android, reusing most code in Manga Mobile but with huge improvement. The feature of the old Manga Mobile will be revamped to suit what All Manga Reader provides. There will be huge UI improvement! And another cool thing is: this application will be available for iPhone, too!

Right now the development of Manga Mobile Service is done and so far the performance boost is as good as expected. Let's see if I can finish the Android one as fast.

Monday, 12 March 2012

Expanding The Market

Today I saw the statistic of Sound Scheduler was not going that great. It was so poor compared to Manga Mobile. So I did some drastic movement. I expand my market!

Now Manga Mobile and Sound Scheduler are currently being reviewed by Amazon AppStore and Motorola Store. I hope this will result in more constructive review from users and I can make these 2 apps for the better.

Greetings from Hallucinogen

Hi this is Hallucinogen Developer Blog sole programmer of Hallucinogen products. This is a separate blog from my private blog which mostly written in Indonesian. I'll post announcement about my products here.

Right now I'm interested in Android development though in time I'll make application for iOS, too. Currently, I'm working on 3 Android projects to be submitted on market. Two of them already on Android market, they are Manga Mobile and Sound Scheduler.