Saturday, 30 June 2012

All Manga Mobile v. released for more bug fixes

We know we're making so much update lately but we hope you are not bothered by it. All Manga Mobile v. contains more bug fixes, some performance improvement and more! Here's a complete changelog

  1. Fix some force close bug while reading manga and going to next chapter.
  2. Fix some search bug where search doesn't work when you try to exclude only one genre.
  3. Slight performance improvement.
  4. Decrease file size (All Manga Mobile is less than 1 megabytes now!)
  5. Reading on "Fit to height" mode now more fuller and better than before!
  6. Remember some annoying bug when the page just went blank without reason? You can fix that by selecting "Refresh" on reading option! (we are working on automatic fix).
Notice the new "Refresh" option 
Right now we're working on improving server performance and adding manga source for Spanish, French, Indonesian, Malay and Italian language. Be sure to keep updated on All Manga Mobile!

Give us a drop at Facebook and let us know what do you think about this new version!.
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